My mission: Capture your wedding day

Hi, let me introduce myself

My name us Sébastien TROQUEREAU and I am a french professional photographer.

My working range is the world and my customers are coming from the world.

My speciality? Wedding capture reporting

it means that my mission is to make this special day which is one of the most beautiful day of your life, an never ending event.

Wedding photography … it is not only reporting an event. It is producing emotion as well. My passion for capturing this emotion leads me continuously to have a look in order to get these pure moments that defines your couple.


my workflow follows 3 steps:

1.  I want to learn more about the new couple through a simple interview. It is an exchange moment, with understanding but surely with advices. Indeed, a wedding photographer saw more wedding than the new married couple itself. It is a fact. My role is to become for this event your new best friend making you to feel all the joy and intensity of this so special day. This is during this interview that we can make the agreement for the contract content. if contract has been signed, we continue together otherwise « Good luck » to find the photographer that will fit you. wink.

2. Second step is to realize a shooting (often called « Engagement » shooting) with the bride and groom in a very casual situation, in order to learn them to experience a photo shooting. This exercise is not as simple as it seems for a couple. You will learn to play and pose in front of a photo device, and more important in front of me. That is a shooting that will let me get more informations about your behaviours and characters, and thus we could be more in harharmony for the D-day.

3. Finally, the last step, the D day, going the agreement we concluded. I will come with my devices and materials ready to cover this so important event I will have the responsability to capture more eternity.

My work will be next to sort photos, and will do the post-treament for the selected photos; I will produce a wedding photos album in collaboration with big printing specalist.